Video still, Untitled, 2006


by Alessandra Di Pisa, 2006


With the individual at the center, self-realization has turned in to a sport that attracts more and more people, artists as well as officials, religious and secular. In the explosively growing industry around the search for a life of harmony, self-awareness and personal development, a rhetoric is used that bears similarities with the way in which the 19th-century artist genius is usually portrayed, where creativity is praised and strengthened. The new self of today is marketed as package consisting of equal parts creativity, positive energy and self-confidence. The business community will thus be lulled into the same innovative self-image as the creative class - here represented by an artist in a fictional interview at Konstfack, an educational institution for a variety of creative professions.


The visual language used in Untitled is based on cinematic artist portraits created for the Carnegie Art Award catalog in 2006, while the words spoken, are taken from corporate rhetoric focused on life coaching and self-help, selling self-esteem, internal security, and creative competence to the global service sector.

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