Photo: Anna-Lena Beckman

The inauguration of

Being Unthinkable...

by DiPisaStasinski

11 of February 2021

The artwork Being Unthinkable… is an interactive AI sculpture that hovers four meters above the ground at IBM's headquarters in Kista. The artwork is created by the artist duo DiPisaStasinski and is developed in collaboration with IBM Sweden and KTH.

With the installation, DiPisaStasinski shows how advanced technology can be used as an artistic tool. Through various AI systems, including IBM's Watson, and with data from 2,000 years of global philosophy, the a new form of human-machine interaction that transcends verbal language is generated.

To watch a film about the work and a replay of the premiere together with presentations by some of those who has been involved in the project, including the artists themselves, Alessandra Di Pisa and Robert Stasinski in dialogue with Joachim Granit, artistic director Färgfabriken, Carl-Mikael Dufberg, Deputy CEO IBM, Anna-Lena Beckman, Real Estate Country Manager IBM, Anders Westberg, CTO IBM, Björn Möller, researcher Mechatronics, KTH, please click here.

To experience the work live, please visit Kistagången 6, Kista, Sweden.