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Interactive worskhop by DiPisaStasinski at Färgfabriken 

Cognitive Sculpting

by DiPisaStasinski, 2019

Interaktive workshops

In the West, the units of language and the human brain has been designated the source of intelligence. And AI has been modelled after parts of these units, but not the whole of the cognitive experience that molds our thoughts and ideas. In a series of workshops, we set out to reform the lost connection between curiosity, language and cognition in a social context. Through a set of questions, initially used as training data for machine learning – the participants are instructed to use perspectives outside of the anthropocentric and computational models, to look for other frameworks for knowledge production that not only include social knowledge but nonhuman knowledge. What new modes of intelligence and vocabularies are possible? What new understandings, entities, relationships, and practices can emerge through the merging of artificial curiosity, expanded through human and machine epistemologies?