I Wish You Could See From My Perspective / You Wish I Could See From Your Perspektive

by DiPisaStasinski, 2015

Canvas on wooden frame, 12x10cm

The work emerged through Imago dialogue as a conversation method. The purpose of this dialogical form is to build bridges between conflicting opinions and through methods such as validation and reflection, create a conversational climate where the respective parties are allowed to speak and are listened to. 

The work explores whether individuals' horizons can ever meet or not, whether the very attempt to bring them together can generate something of value or give rise to unexpected side effects.

A long and in-depth Imago conversation has been merged here into a single quote, which expresses both a longing for a breakthrough and a simultaneous realization that it could never happen.


Map of the New Art, Fondazione Giorgio Cini, Venice, 2015